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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Inspiration Of The Week 23/08/2015...

Interior Inspiration

Quote of the Week by Arthur Ashe

Workwear & Autumn Fashion Inspiration
Kick Flares by Walk in Wonderland

Food Inspiration
Summer Nectarine Salad by Honestly Yum


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Interior Inspiration 30: Industrial...

Industrial styled interior design has been trending for a while. The concept is derived from the conversion of warehouses, industrial buildings and other similar structures. They amass a large amount of space and have great potential. I love the rawness and exposure that is displayed in the designs. They can be simple, elaborate, monotone or colourful. I particularly love the dark designs with exposed bricks as in the image below. Another thing I love is the use of lights and other accents to add character to the designs, which is great, as you can incorporate these accents in your own homes. So no need to move into a converted warehouse!

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Places & Inspiration: One of those "life" posts...

This is going to be a "word heavy" post. Lately, I have been facing what is known as inspiration overload. I am seriously hoping that I am not the only person who experiences this. Inspiration overload is basically when you have so many ideas in your head, go looking for more ideas and inspiration, add them to the ones that are currently in your head and repeat. The extent to which I do this is serious. I'm one of those people who hoard magazines as well as cut outs from other magazines. I actually stopped doing this about 2 months ago when I decided to get rid of all, actually most of my magazines, it was actually quite emotional. Oh so sad!

I'm also one of those people who keep a hundred and one tabs opened on my laptop, putting my laptop to sleep instead of shutting it down, praying and hoping that it does not develop any problems. So far so good. I even have a book of ideas, which I use, only I don't read over the things that I had written down previously. Thanks to technology, I also use Evernote to store "current inspiration" as well as previously visited sites when I finally decide to shut my laptop down. I'm sure you're getting the point now.

This week I finally decided that I am going to stop and work on overcoming this inspiration overload, by picking a few ideas and working on them. It's nice and good multitasking, but of what use is it if there are no tangible results?

Now that I'm finally done with uni, (thank God!) I will have more time to work on the blog, deleting and redoing posts, as well as scheduling new posts. I will also be working on my career and food start up, Canapés + Mocktails, which I'll be doing a post on soon.

In more recent news, I was in Nigeria for 3 weeks to intern at The Mustard Seed. Unfortunately, due to underestimating the Lagos traffic, fasting as well as other factors, I couldn't intern for the full 3 weeks. However, I had a great time whilst I was there. Ms Fran, the lady behind The Mustard Seed, is so inspiring! I don't know if I actually told her this... I hope I did. She is a force to be reckoned with! I actually miss being there already, and the children! They're so cute and have such great personalities already. 

One of the reasons why I wanted to intern at The Mustard Seed was because I wanted to experience first hand how to run a business from a female entrepreneur. I believe that in order to grow, it is very important to learn from others. I've been reading and learning from people around me for as long as I can remember, especially from my parents. Now it's time to finally put all that I've learnt and experienced into use and make something great out of my life, that will not only benefit me, but others too. 

Right! Enough of the life story! Enjoy the few pictures I took whilst I was in Lagos. I seriously don't know how the 3 weeks flew by. I could not even go to the places that I had planned to visit. But no worries, hopefully I'll be back there soon. 

Also, check out The Mustard Seed here

Tinubu Square, Lagos

Heading into Balogun Market, Lagos

Central Mosque, Lagos

Food prepping for a cooking class with the children, at The Mustard Seed.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Inspiration Of The Week 19/07/2015...

Summer Fashion Inspiration
On The Street... Via dei Cerretani, Florence

Interior Inspiration
Courtyard House by bfs design

Quote of the Week

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